Cheaters And Hackers Reported In ‘The Division’ On PC
March 15, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Cheaters And Hackers Reported In ‘The Division’ On PC

The Dark Zone is a dangerous place…especially if your enemies are tinkering with their game clients. Ubisoft’s The Division launched last week on PC, Xbox One and PS4, and there are reports now starting to come in about people cheating on the PC version. This reddit thread has people talking about things they’ve seen in the game, from unlimited ammo and zero recoil to apparent invincibility and massive damage. There are also a couple of videos on youtube with some suspicious gameplay going on:

Apparently, some game information is handled server side, but some is handled client side, and things handled by the local client could theoretically be altered by intrepid players. There’s some disagreement on what’s actually possible, but plenty of reports coming surrounding what seems like cheating. We’ve contacted Ubisoft for comment, and will update with any news.

Cheating was pretty rampant in the closed beta on PC, so much so that Ubisoft acknowledged the problem and promised better protections against this sort of thing in the future (that’s what a beta is for, after all). So far, it doesn’t seem like anything on the scale of what was happening during the beta is going on post-release. Also, it’s entirely possible that Ubisoft has a good way of seeing who’s cheating and where, even with client-side manipulation. The developer might just be gathering data for a moment before unleashing a wave of bans on people confirmed to be manipulating the client.

Cheating isn’t the only way some endgame players are getting huge advantages. Players who managed to get to the level cap in a matter of hours were able to amass giant numbers of “phoenix credits,” used to buy endgame gear. Ubisoft nerfed the drop rate for the credits, but that only served to draw a big line between those who were able to grab as many as they want and those who didn’t get to level 30 until after the nerf. On top of that, one particular SMG has a bonus that allows you to use some of the game’s most powerful skills in a way that makes you nigh on invincible, so expect a nerf on that soon. Nerfs for everyone.

Other than that, The Division is having a pretty smooth launch on PC and on consoles. Moments of connectivity problems here and there, but nothing catastrophic in any way. I’m working my way to the level cap, and I’ll get a better sense of the game’s long term enjoyment factor then.

Source | Forbes