Bricata’s 100 Gbps NGIPS Sets New Performance Standard
June 2, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Bricata’s 100 Gbps NGIPS Sets New Performance Standard

Bricata LLC, the pioneer of performance intrusion prevention security systems, announced today that the company’s ProAccel LX100 NGIPS appliance successfully performed simultaneous deep packet inspection and full packet capture (PCAP) at 112 Gbps bi-directional speeds. Most notably, these results were accomplished in a single 4RU appliance with all 27,000 signatures enabled, and all packets committed to disk. This successful test demonstrates the technology’s ability to proactively and effectively process vast amounts of network traffic without sacrificing inspection parameters.

“We are very happy with the results of this test,” said Iain Davison, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Bricata. “As network speeds continue to grow to accommodate huge increases in traffic and data, high-speed inspection technology is essential to ensuring as many attacks as possible are identified and stopped in real-time. The fact that we sustained 112 gigabits per second with all rules enabled is exceptional. The more signatures you can enable, the more threats you can identify and filter out. Speed is critical, but achieving those speeds while maintaining visibility across a broader spectrum of threats was the real goal of this test for Bricata.”

The LX100 testing was performed at Interface Masters Technologies’ lab in San Jose, CA. The company performed two separate processing tests – one with no rules or packet capture enabled to establish raw network processing speed, and one with all rules and PCAP enabled. The testing was conducted exclusively to validate or invalidate published processing speeds, not security efficacy. The complete test report is available by visiting our web site.

“It is no small feat to properly stress test a 100 Gbps security appliance, and we are very happy to have been a part of this project,” explained Udi Yuhjtman, President of Interface Masters Technologies. “Interface Masters’ expertise lies in the high speed network visibility market and we have been working on 100G solutions for deep packet inspection, performance monitoring and security appliances. Our state of the art network visibility appliances and 100G testing lab is an ideal environment for this type of test, and it is impressive to see a company developing IPS technology with this level of performance capability.”

Bricata’s ProAccel solutions are based on decades of engineering experience in the intrusion detection and prevention technology market. Leveraging advancements in high-speed computing and multi-threaded software architecture, ProAccel is designed with respect to the way modern security teams work to deliver a more intelligent platform for automating enterprise threat defense at substantially reduced costs.

Source | PRWeb