Apple WWDC Event May Be Timeline For Jailbreaking Tool Hackers
May 11, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Apple WWDC Event May Be Timeline For Jailbreaking Tool Hackers

The Apple 2016 WWDC event, which is held every year, will begin June 13 and last for five days. During this time, the company is expected to unveil the iOS10 and data about the iPhone 7. However, until the event, developers are reportedly working on errors and bugs that are plaguing the present iOS.

The Apple team recently released the first beta version to iOS 9.3.2. However, those who enjoy jailbreaking their devices are still waiting for a tool to become available. Hackers have yet to jailbreak it, but rumors are spreading that it won’t be too long before the WWDC that it happens.

iOS 9.3 is regarded as an important update… the first beta since January that was released to both public beta testers and developers for their analysis. The official release was on March 21. 10 days later though, there was the iOS 9.3.1 software update to repair the issue that caused applications to quit responding when links in Safari and numerous other apps were tapped. It also fixed the problem with overheating and crashing 64-bit devices, usually the result of connecting to a fake Apple time server with a set system of Jan. 1, 1970.

On April, 6, the iOS 9.3.2 beta was introduced with stability and performance improvements.

There are a number of jailbreaking teams out there in the process of cracking the iOS 9.3 software. The website said it had a jailbreaking tool that was browser-based. However, the website is a fake, and a number of users had been tricked into downloading it. It’s not known if their devices became infected with malware from it. It’s imperative that nobody downloads anything from the ‘Net unless it’s something from the original source. In time, a new iOS 9.3 jailbreaking tool will be available on the actual websites.

As it currently stands, the iOS 9.3 jailbreak can be used by Windows users (Pangu 9.3 beta tool). iOS 9.3 users can use a semi-jailbreak when they download the Cydia app.

Source | NeuroGadget