Apple just banned an iPhone app that could protect you from hackers
May 18, 2016
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Apple just banned an iPhone app that could protect you from hackers

Although it initially passed Apple’s certification process, System and Security Info has been removed from the App Store a week after its release. As developer Stefan Esser explains, the app was capable of providing a detailed rundown of the running processes on an iPhone as well as detecting malware and security anomalies that would otherwise remain hidden from users.

Unfortunately, after a fourth review process, Apple decided that the app wasn’t fit for its store. Citing two major issues, Apple let Esser know that his app “provides potentially inaccurate and misleading diagnostic functionality,”  further noting that there is “no publicly available infrastructure to support iOS diagnostic analysis.”

In other words, Apple isn’t comfortable with Esser’s app telling users that their phone might have been jailbroken without their permission or that an app they downloaded has been tampered with.

Esser shot back on Twitter, claiming that his is just one of “hundreds” of apps that are capable of providing users with similar information:

Esser says that he won’t be releasing a jailbroken version of the app “as payback,” but he wants a more substantial explanation for the app’s removal than what Apple has provided so far. The app passed three separate reviews and made its way on to the App Store, so what changed a week later with the fourth review?

Removing an app with objectionable content is one thing, but an app that could protect iPhone owners from having their information stolen?

That doesn’t add up.

Source | Yahoo