WannaCry is not dead, halts Honda Production
June 23, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

WannaCry is not dead, halts Honda Production

Even after a month of hearing about WannaCry, the malware is still not dead but active in many parts across the globe. Recently, Honda and 55 speed traffic cameras in Australia were the latest victims. As we all know, the worm exploits eternalBlue, a Windows SMBv1 exploit causing the malware to infect over 300,000 Windows systems in just 72 hours including hospitals, businesses, and telecom providers around the globe.

According the Honda, it had to stop its production plants after the infection occurred for more than 24 hours at one of its Japan based factories post discovering the infection in their computer network. In details, the Samaya plant had to halt the production of 1000 cars which is the amount they produce in one day and although it was not stated how the computer network was infected, it is quite obvious that they were running unsupported Windows Version or did not apply the critical patch that Microsoft has released in March.

As for the speed cameras, the system has not been compromised but a ransom was demanded as the malware locked down critical files and most likely got onboard due to a USB drive. Process to remove WannaCry is in order. However, it is quite shocking how even after over a month of hearing about the outbreak, important industries are not applying patches that have been released. Therefore, if you still haven’t applied the patches, please do. 

Source: The Hacker News