Vulnerability discovered in e-government communication
July 2, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Vulnerability discovered in e-government communication

Researchers have recently discovered a critical vulnerability affect governmental sectors such as public health systems, population registration, and justice system. The flaw resides in the secure communication protocol.

Basically, the OSCI-Transport communication library which is widely used and critical to the German e-government has multiple vulnerabilities enabling attackers to view and interfere with the messages. The OSCI-Transport is a secure channel and is the required communication protocol that serves the foundation of e-government,

According to experts, some of the OSCI safeguards can be broken through the usage of a XML Entity Injection attack allowing him to to read local files on communication partner’s system. In addition, a hacker with access to the system could potential not only decrypt parts of messages, but forge them.

Source: darkreading