Vulnerabilities Found in Solar Panels
August 8, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Vulnerabilities Found in Solar Panels

A numerous number of flaws/vulnerabilities have been found in an essential component of solar panels that can be exploited to cause widespread outages in European power grids.

A cybersecurity researcher at Dutch security firm ITsec, William Westerhof, has discovered 21 vulnerabilities in the internet-connected inverters, that converts direct current to alternate current and is an essential part of a solar panel and is called Horus Scenario.

The researcher stated that getting control of the inverter could allow the attacker to simultaneously switch them off thus causing an imbalance in power grid which can lead to a power outage.

An attacker could manipulate the PV (Photovoltaic), a solar panel electrical system, could cause peaks or dips of several Gigawatts.

Westerchof also worked with the company, power grid regulators, and government officials to fix the issues.

The company that manufactures the inverters have already patched their products and rolling them out to their customers.

Source: Horus Scenario