Using Deception Technology to Prevent Cyber Attacks
May 13, 2018 Share

Using Deception Technology to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Now is the time to deceive the deceivers.

As the number of cyber-attacks grows every year and cybercriminals become smarter with their tactics, you can never be too safe with your company’s private information. Now is the time to think about deception technology to give cybercriminals a taste of their own medicine.

Deceiving the enemy has been a vital strategy for thousands of years and recently, this practice has made its ways into cybersecurity. At first, it was just the cyber attackers who were using deception tactics to con or phish innocent people and companies. Now, though, IT security teams have begun to use deception to confuse and baffle attackers, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Many IT security teams are now using fake servers to distract cyber attackers from the real ones, while also learning valuable insight about their objectives, tools, tactics, and procedures when it comes to trying to break into their system. These valuable insights are a dream come true for IT teams as they can use them to beef up their security protocol for their real servers.

Ways to Use Deception Technology for Cybersecurity

Your company can implement deception technology in many ways. The best way to use deception-based security is to deploy this technology along the entire attack chain. Use deception technology to prevent cyber-attacks by feeding cybercriminals false information on topography and assets when they think they’ve reached a weak point on your server.

Another tactic to use deception technology is to delay a cybercriminals development with false information if they’re already on your server. You can achieve this by figuring out what tools they’re using and then deploying any false information that will hinder their efforts. Another excellent way to use deception technology to protect your company’s valuable information is to trick cybercriminals into sandboxes that will keep them occupied for long periods of time. These cybercriminals will spend hours or days here and not achieve any real progress.

Deception Technology Vendors

There are many ways to implement deception technology into your business. One way is to choose from standalone DDP tools that can be integrated into your security solutions. It is very beneficial for your organization to use a DDP solution to create intimate threat intelligence for your IT security team to be better equipped to handle cyber-attacks. DDP tools can also enhance your other protection tools in your network and other security defense layers. Using any and every tool possible to protect your company’s network is not overkill, it’s a necessity today as cyber-attacks have become all too common. If your company has not yet looked at deception technology companies that can help your organization become better protected against cyber-attacks, consider these vendors who can be very beneficial to your IT security team.

Illusive Networks

This Tel Aviv located company offers a deception tool that lays out a deceptive layer over your entire network. It uses decoys like data, servers, applications, devices, and hosts to confuse and deceive cybercriminals. When an attacker enters one of these decoys, they are transferred to a virtual network separate from your enterprise network. Not only that, but this tool will have investigations and forensics follow them to learn more about their criminal ways.

Attivo Networks

This deception-based Californian company offers a threat detection platform. Attivo Networks’ Threat Matrix Platform is packed with features and is a highly recommended modern-day deception tool for any business.


This deception platform can detect many cyber-attacks like reconnaissance, spear phishing, lateral movement, stolen credentials and data theft. This tool features fast out-of-band deployment with no performance impact, enterprise scalability and minimal false positives which leads to faster breach detection and improved security and incident response team productivity.


This is another deception tool from a Californian company and their platform provides a deception-based advance threat defense solution. This platform can detect zero-day malware, ransomware, and attacks through compromised accounts which makes it an extremely beneficial tool for any organization.


Another tool offered by a California company, this deception platform intercepts attackers during the reconnaissance phase and carefully leads them to a monitored deception network where their tactics, techniques, and procedures are analyzed. This platform can be deployed as a virtual appliance and requires minimal effort to deploy.

Cybersecurity is mandatory for all organizations to take seriously as the number of cyber-attacks has grown exponentially over the years. If your company does not have a proper security system in place, now is the time to think about implementing deception technology.