Twitter Bug Exposed Location Data of iOS Users to Advertiser
May 15, 2019
Mo Moin (2043 articles)

Twitter Bug Exposed Location Data of iOS Users to Advertiser

Twitter Bug

Twitter Bug Exposed location Data of Some Users to Unknown Advertisers. Twitter disclosed a bug report that in certain conditions they have accidentally collected and shared the location data of iOS users to the advertisers, even if they opted not to share the data.

The data was collected in the condition; if the user used one or more twitter accounts on iOS devices and opted to collect the location data from one account, then the location data will be obtained from any other accounts used on that same device.

“we had intended to remove location data from the fields sent to a trusted partner during an advertising process known as real-time bidding,” reads bug report.

Twitter says that information was accidentally collected and the information was shared during the real-time bidding process with advertisement partner, “we had implemented technical measures to “fuzz” the data shared so that it was no more precise than zip code or city.”

According to Twitter, the leaked data can be used to determine an address or to map your precise movements and other details such as Twitter handle or other unique account IDs was not shared.

Twitter confirms that the “location data has not been retained and that it only existed in their systems for a short time, and was then deleted as part of their normal process.”

Now Twitter has fixed the bug and contacting people who impacted with the bug for providing status updates.

“We invite you to check your privacy settings to make sure you’re only sharing the data you want to with us. We’re very sorry this happened. We recognize and appreciate the trust you place in us and are committed to earning that trust every day.”

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