Tizen os may have 27,000 bugs
July 17, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Tizen os may have 27,000 bugs

Millions of Samsung products ranging from TVs, smartphones, and cameras are currently running Tizen OS, a Linux based operating system backed by both Samsung Electronics and Intel. A researcher has recently made the claim that Tizen may contain up to 27,000 programming errors or “bugs”. By using a static code analyzer tool, Andrey Karpov, founder of Program Verification Systems was able with his team to discover 900 errors by choosing random modules.

In other words, out of the 27 million lines of code, only 3.3 percent was analyzed to find almost a thousand errors in the code. “If we extrapolate the results, we will see that our team is able to detect and fix about 27000 errors in Tizen,” Karpov says. The C++ code was analyzed with PVS-Studio, Karpov’s company software. When offered to sell the product to Samsung, Youil Kim declined sating “We are already aware that another tool can find additional defects. However, we don’t agree with that Tizen has 27,000 defects that should be fixed. As you know, many of static analysis warnings are often considered as insignificant issues,”.

The Tizen OS is currently running on approx. 30 million Smart TVs and 10 million smartphones. If the claims are true which is likely due to the fact that Samsung acknowledged it to some extent, they should focus more on security with the next release of Tizen OS.

Source: thehackernews