With Palantir, your enterprise can finally detect advanced threats that lie hidden within your data. All of it. Structured network logs from the proxy to IDS, VPN, anti-virus, DLP, DNS queries, malware tools, and application logs. Contextual data like email, print logs, facility access logs, internal chat logs, and human resources data. Open source and third-party data. Palantir technology integrates it all into a single environment and separates actionable signal from the noise so you can protect your network.

Regional Leadership

Alex Kara
Chief Executive Officer
Prior to co-founding Palantir, Karp founded Caedmon Group. Karp has a bachelor's degree from Haverford College, a doctor of jurisprudence degree from Stanford University, and a doctorate in neoclassical social theory from Frankfurt University.

Flagship Products and Solutions

Palantir Gotham: comprises a suite of capabilities for integrating many different data sources for secure, collaborative analysis. The platform serves as an enterprise knowledgebase, containing the full record of an organization's collective analysis.

Palantir Metropolis: platform comprises a suite of capabilities for integrating tabular data from many different sources into coherent models, performing complex computations over models, and sharing and iterating on analytic products.





Regional Contact

United Arab Emirates
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Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates