Most Hacked Passwords – Top 100,000 Common Passwords that Already Known to Hackers
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Most Hacked Passwords – Top 100,000 Common Passwords that Already Known to Hackers

most Hacked Passwords

Password plays a vital role in securing your account, a common password is easy to remember, but it will be easier for an attacker to guess the password. An analysis of most Hacked Passwords showing still people is using weak passwords.

Based on the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre breach analysis, the password ‘123456’ has been found 23 million times in the breaches. Next to that 123456789 found 7 million times.

Passwords like ashley, michael, qwerty and 1111111 are the most commonly used passwords by users for multiple accounts. The survey shows more than 70% always use PINs and passwords for smartphones and tablets.

If you have a weak password then it is a cake walk for hackers, they can gain access to your account easily by using brute force techniques.

The most terrible passwords used are “123456” and “password”, they continue to hold the #1 and #2 spots, respectively.

A strong password should have at least six characters that include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

NCSC released the most hacked passwords list, in collaboration with Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned data set. Here is the list of top 100,000 passwords that already known by hackers.

If you find your password in the list it is recommended to change the passwords immediately. The list obtained from “global breaches that are already in the public domain having been sold or shared by hackers,” reads NCSC’s blog post.

“Using hard-to-guess passwords is a strong first step and we recommend combining three random but memorable words. Be creative and use words memorable to you, so people can’t guess your password,” Dr. Ian Levy, NCSC Technical Director, said.

“Given the growing global threat from cyber attacks, these findings underline the importance of using strong passwords at home and at work,” David Lidington, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office, said.

  • Use a complex password, enforce strong password policy.
  • Check the password regularly, Use two-factor authentication(2FA) for vital sites like managing an account and Emails, make sure all the passwords are unique.
  • Change the Manufactures default Password that gadgets are issued before they are conveyed to the IT Department.
  • Configure using password Manager only for your less important websites and accounts.

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