Katyusha, a SQL vulnerability scanner
July 12, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Katyusha, a SQL vulnerability scanner

Recorded Future’s Insikt Group threat intelligence has recently discovered a hacking software being distributed in underground forums for 500 dollars, the lightweight version for half the price, and rent is set at 200 dollars. Dubbed as Katyusha, the software lives up to its name as it has the potential to scan a massive amount of websites through a few clicks from a smartphone and the usage of Telegram messaging.

It is controlled by a standard Web Interface on top of Telegram while also borrowing functionality from Anarchi Scanner, a highly praised open source pen testing tool. Furthermore, the tool is capable of automatically extracting privileged information such as credentials and supplies Alexa’s web ratings to users for targeting efficiency and maximizing profits.

“The availability of a highly robust and inexpensive tool such as Katyusha Scanner to online criminals with limited technical skills will only intensify the compromised data problem experienced by various businesses, highlighting the importance of regular infrastructure security audits,” Recorded Future wrote.

Source: scmagazine