Cyber Security Assurance Specialist (ENEC)
November 1, 2016
Seid Yassin (503 articles)

Cyber Security Assurance Specialist (ENEC)

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Responsible for the implementation of Cyber Security Program. Perform day to day operation with a key focus on the protection of BNPP critical digital systems and assets.

Activity: Procedures and assurance
• Create policies, and procedures for the NPP Cyber Security Program,
• Develop cyber security education, awareness, training and evaluation
• Ensure employees comply with ENEC and Regulatory requirements related to Cyber Security
Activity: Configuration and operation
• Conduct configuration, operations, and maintenance of cyber security equipment
• Liaising with physical and personnel security leads
Activity: Network and System Security assessment
• Conduct cyber security evaluations of digital systems
• Conduct security audits, vulnerability assessments, network scans, and penetration tests against critical systems and CDAs as necessary
• Conduct periodic cyber security risk assessments
Activity: Security monitoring, incident response and forensics
• Coordinate incident response and communication with relevant internal and external organizations, as required, during and after cyber security events
• Conduct cyber security investigations following compromise of CDAs
• Preserve forensic evidence collected during cyber security investigations to prevent loss of evidential value
Activity: Security Architecture design
• Participate in designing configuration, operations, and maintenance of cyber security equipment


Technical Competency
• Industrial Systems Security
• Nuclear Security
• Information Security governance
• Incident handling and management
• Knowledge of Information Security frameworks and standards like ISO 27001, ADSIC, NESA and FANR regulations
• Communications Security Management
• Compliance
• Computer Network Defense
• Configuration Management
• Encryption
• Identity Management
• Information Assurance
• Information Resources Strategy and Planning
• Asset management
• Information Systems/ Network Security
• Information Security Architecture
• Risk Management
• Technology Awareness
• Vulnerabilities Assessment

Behavioral Competency
Core Competencies:
• Respect for Safety and Security
• Integrity and Transparency
• Communication Effectiveness
• Results Focus: Working effectively and efficiently
• Teamwork
• Accountability
• Customer Focus