Illusive Networks Expands FirstMove Services to Drive Adoption of Deception-based Security
August 13, 2018 Share

Illusive Networks Expands FirstMove Services to Drive Adoption of Deception-based Security

Illusive Networks, the award winning leader in deception-based cybersecurity, announced the availability of its FirstMove services, the industry’s first comprehensive set of professional and consulting services aimed at helping customers plan, deploy, and optimize a deception-based approach to cybersecurity.

A full range of services to facilitate deployment, operation, and optimization of the industry’s deception platform of choice.

By cloaking the entire environment with deceptive information, Illusive makes it virtually impossible for cyberattackers, once inside the network, to successfully move laterally toward critical information and systems. Attacks are thwarted in the earliest stages, reducing business risks associated with targeted attacks, insider threats, and APTs.

Illusive’s Deceptions Everywhere® solution uses advanced machine learning to provide customized and ever-changing deceptions, while automating deployment and management. Customers value the system’s swift, easy, scalable implementation, high-fidelity alerts, and the minimal staffing commitment required.

Illusive FirstMove services map to each stage of an Illusive cyber defense program, from planning and deployment, to operation and the development of in-house expertise.

  • FirstMove Build allows customers to achieve success with early phase deployments. It includes planning, implementation, network discovery, identification of sensitive data and applications (crown jewels) and deception deployment. Customers will receive on-line and hands-on training and certification in operations and reporting. In addition, Illusive will aid in integration with the customer’s current security technology stack.
  • FirstMove Preempt helps customers eliminate attack vectors and reduce their attack surface by removing unnecessary credentials and connections that enable lateral movement. Using Attack Surface Manager (ASM), experts analyze customer environments, identify weaknesses, and implement policies to perpetually improve and maintain cyber hygiene.
  • FirstMove Alert offers customers immediate insight into attacks. Illusive’s forensic analysts, backed by advanced cyber threat researchers, assist customers in analyzing the severity and nature of events triggered from Illusive’s platform, and offer advice on mitigation options and strategies.
  • FirstMove Co-Pilot provides an assigned technical account manager to assist with phased rollouts, ongoing removal of attack risk factors and continuous improvement and optimization of the Illusive solution.
  • FirstMove Excel ensures customers develop in-house expertise by deepening their deception knowledge and improving their ability to think like advanced attackers through advanced classroom and field-based training and coaching.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster and more efficient deployment, even in the face of resource constraints and staffing challenges
  • Reduction of the attack surface through the elimination of errant credentials and other artifacts that attackers use to fuel lateral movement
  • Development of in-house expertise in deception technology, attack surface reduction, and real-time forensic analysis
  • The ability to prioritize remediation by understanding the risk and criticality of each alert
  • Early detection of advanced attackers by improving their ability to identify and respond to Illusive’s high-fidelity alerts