How Do You Secure The Cloud? New Data Points A Way
December 5, 2018
Mo Moin (1286 articles)

How Do You Secure The Cloud? New Data Points A Way

The march toward the cloud for data and services has many companies rethinking their approach to cyber security. Do they need a cloud security strategy? What is different about a cloud security strategy? Recent surveys have shed light on how security strategies are changing, and more important, how they should change.

Placing more IT infrastructure in the cloud is in some ways more secure than having it in house. For instance, you can be reasonably sure that the system is running the latest version with the proper patches in place. Cloud service providers are also building in new capabilities such as using machine language for anomaly detection. However, it also presents new risks, some of which is the result of misunderstanding how to manage cloud security.

It is important to know how a company’s cloud IT strategy–whether it’s hybrid, private hosted, or public–affects its cyber security strategy and the tactical execution of that strategy.

In October 2018, McAfee released its Cloud Adoption and Risk Report 2018. That research showed that sharing of sensitive data over the cloud increases by 53 percent over the previous year–a huge jump. Of all files in the cloud, 21 percent contain sensitive data, McAfee found, and 48 percent of those files are eventually shared.

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