Hotspot Shield VPN Violating Users Privacy
August 8, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Hotspot Shield VPN Violating Users Privacy

Hotspot Shield, a virtual Private Network VPN service is been blamed for breaching its own privacy policy according to the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) which is a nonprofit organization group for consumer rights.

CDT has filed a complaint against Hotspot Shield urging Federal Trade Commission to probe into Hotspot for propagating “Unfair and deceptive trade practices” the company interfere with web traffic and redirect users to its partner websites such as advertising companies, claims CDT which is reported by CNet and ZDNet.

The reason people signup for VPN services like Hotspot Shield is to protect their privacy and withheld their browsing data from Internet Service Providers ISPs and access the services on the web that are otherwise blocked by their ISPs. But the VPN has access to the same data which jeopardizes user privacy which in initially claimed by the company in user’s privacy policy.

The CEO of Hotspot Shield David Gorodyansky told Huffington Post, the company “policy is to never store and log user’s data”

Hotspot Shield was not available for immediate comment on the allegations by CDT, however, CEO told ZDNet, that CDT’s accusations were baseless, we at Hotspot Shield protect user’s personal data from third parties and ourselves.

Source | RS Tech