Hackers Are Selling Windows Zoom Zero-Day Exploit for $500,000
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Hackers Are Selling Windows Zoom Zero-Day Exploit for $500,000

Zoom Zero-Day

Earlier this month multiple vulnerabilities discovered with Zoom’s Windows and macOS clients, those vulnerabilities allow attackers to escalate privileges with macOS and to steal login credentials with windows.

Following that various sources confirmed that attackers selling Zoom login credentials, meeting IDs, names and host keys in the hacking forums.

Motherboard reported that now hackers started selling zero-day exploits on the dark web forums, by exploiting the vulnerability attackers can hack and spy users.

Adriel Desautels, founder of Netragard said that “From what I’ve heard, there are two zero-day exploits in circulation for Zoom One affects OS X and the other Windows”.

Multiple anonymous sources confirmed the existence of the exploits on the hacker’s forums, the exploit code was not yet analyzed, but the brokers offering sales has been contacted.

The zero-day for the Zoom Windows app is advertised for $500,000, for the exploit to work the attacker needs to be in a call with the target client.

By exploiting the RCE bug with windows attacker can gain complete control of the target machine, not only the app.

The bug with a macOS client allows attackers to inject the Zoom installer with malicious code to obtain the highest root privileges.

The bugs were not yet fixed, Zoom said in a statement that “security extremely seriously. Since learning of these rumors, we have been working around the clock with a reputable, industry-leading security firm to investigate them.”

Users are recommended not to make the meetings public or don’t share the meeting links in social media and make sure that your meetings have a password enabled.

Zoom also recently makes a change that it will not display meeting ID on the title toolbar, instead title will be marked as Zoom.

Zoom is an online video communication platform that has features such as video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

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