Gartner Names Demisto ‘Cool Vendor’ in Security Ops & Vulnerability Management
May 16, 2018 Share

Gartner Names Demisto ‘Cool Vendor’ in Security Ops & Vulnerability Management

According to Gartner, “Future security operations, incident response and threat intelligence teams will use more automation and more consistent processes, and will have to deal with an ever-increasing number of security tools.”

“This will necessitate more orchestration capabilities and clearly predicts a bright future for SOAR technologies.”

Demisto Enterprise integrates with more than 170 security products and enables organizations to build playbooks for different security operations.

By integrating other security products with Demisto, users can orchestrate actions across a suite of products in one window, automate response actions through playbooks, and run live security commands from a collaboration interface to remediate threats.

All of which can reduce mean time to response (MTTR) for security incidents and maximize ROI for the user company’s entire security product investment.

In addition, the case management and machine learning capabilities help security teams save resources and time while enforcing rigor and process to incident response.

Demisto’s solution has seen worldwide traction by helping SOC teams reduce the number of alerts requiring human review by as much as 95 percent.

It also solves the ever-growing problem of product fatigue – where analysts need to learn more and more products to mitigate threats throughout their infrastructure.

By working in a platform that integrates with all major security products such as SIEM, network, threat hunting, and end-point, it provides a comprehensive view into incident response.