FruitFly – A Mac Malware
July 25, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

FruitFly – A Mac Malware

FruitFly, a Mac malware that was discovered by Thomas Reed, a Malwarebytes researcher, that can remotely access and control webcams, screen, mouse, keyboards, and install malicious software on the victims Mac computer. The malware was discovered a few months and Apple has already released security patches for the malware.

The malware is surveillance malware that can control your mouse clicks, webcam, execute shell commands, kill processes, retrieve screen captures and can alert the attacker when the victim is on the machine.

A security researcher at Synack, Patrick Wardle, infiltrated a C&C server of the attacker and discovered that more than 400 Mac users were a victim to FruitFly. He then discovered the IP addresses of the victims and reported the situation to the right authority.

Apart from being a surveillance malware, the true motive of the malware is yet to be discovered.