Essay on Ethical Hacking: Is It Legal?
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Essay on Ethical Hacking: Is It Legal?

Sometimes, the toughest part of an essay is its topic. Many students aren’t able to cover definite topics plainly and interesting. Commonly, they struggle with some unknown issues or themes, which are assigned quite rarely. For example, not all people are aware of ethical hacking. To help you with this and similar issues, we offer you an essay sample dedicated to this topic.

Mind that it’s only a sample. It cannot be used by you like your own work. It is copyrighted and doesn’t belong to anyone. It exists as a good example of how to cover such topics.

“Everyone knows what hacking is. It’s an illegal intruding into the work of systems and networks. However, many people are not aware of ethical hacking. This project will highlight the main aspects of ethical hacking. It clarifies whether it is legal and what is the main goal of this activity.

To understand the purpose and definition of ethical hacking, it’s necessary to determine different categories of hacking. When a modern and educated person sees or hears the word “hacking”, he or she begins to automatically think that it’s something bad and illegal. It should be mentioned that such a thought is quite correct. Nevertheless, it is correct to a certain extent. There are three types of hacking, and one of them is very important for people who work via the Internet.

Firstly, we should mention black hackers. They belong to the most popular and absolutely illegal category of hacking. They undertake malicious activities that serve their own purposes. Commonly, they break through firewalls of different websites to steal information, gain the money or simply create chaos in the functioning of any online platform.

Secondly, there are grey hackers. These folks work in two ways. Commonly, they break through firewalls just to prove themselves that they are capable of managing that. They rarely steal money or initiate chaos. In most situations, they obligatorily notify the owners of websites about their weaknesses in the protection system.

Thirdly, one should know about white hackers. These are people who undertake ethical hacking and so, they are important for this project. When a certificate expert fulfills his or her job, he/she is able to provide online users and especially website owners with important information. For example, they show the major vulnerabilities of the system. You will understand what kinds of information black hackers want to access. Afterward, it’s possible to draw logical conclusions about what those people would do with the stolen data. One of the ways is to sell this data to your competitors to earn money and make your business suffer.

Thanks to the assistance of white hackers, website owners can undertake preventive measures to protect their resources. Businessmen, who conduct their business via the Internet, can hire specialists to strengthen their anti-virus programs and other software. It’s worth mentioning that one may hire that very hacker who tested the system and found its weaknesses. An experienced specialist will surely know how to ensure safety.

People should not be afraid to hire ethical hackers. It fact, this is probably the most reasonable and effective method to ensure the safety of any online resource. Many users aren’t even aware that their system of protection was broken and accessed by someone. It goes beyond all doubts that such a possibility frightens many people. Their systems of protection are not able to detect strangers, viruses, malware errors, new “worms” and something of the kind. Ethical hackers can spot that unwanted activity and even track some black hackers who made the breaks through.

One should also know that you cannot simply become an ethical hacker because you are gifted in computer science. Website owners trust only certificated exerts and this measure is reasonable. Gifted people pass special training courses and get official education. This is an official job similar to any other job. Therefore, you can find certificated experts on the Internet, in newspapers, advertisements, and other places.

It’s also essential to choose the right helper. Ethical hackers are divided into different categories and so, serve various purposes of potential employers. There are network defenders, security analysts, penetration testers, forensic investigators, security officers, security engineers, intelligence analysts, and many other categories. Therefore, every website owner ought to be aware of the variety of choices. One should not choose an expert heedlessly of his or her specialization. If you want to ensure the safety of your resources, you should make a careful choice. Make sure your ethical hacker fully meets your demands.

As you can see, ethical hacking is of great importance for every honest online user who works via the Internet. Their work helps to identify the slightest weaknesses in system and software functioning. Thanks to their assistance, all website owners can fill in the gaps in their firewall protection. Accordingly, no hackers or viruses would be able to breakthrough. Their work is relevant at any time for everyone and people should respect it.”

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