Cyber security is a global struggle according to UN survey
July 12, 2017
Shah Sheikh (1294 articles)

Cyber security is a global struggle according to UN survey

According to the Global Cyber Security Index survey performed by the United Nations, only 50 percent of the countries either have a cyber security strategy, or are in the process of making one. A 134 countries were surveyed under the spectrum of five factors: growth potential, legal, organizational, technical and cooperation.

In fact, it was found out that despite the wealth gap, some poorer countries outperformed the richer ones such as Malaysia and Oman beating Canada and France. On top of that, there is a gap among the five UN members: China placed on position 32, UK on 12, Russia on 10, France on 8 and the US 2nd. This leaves a surprising Singapore snatching first place for being the most committed although the United States had higher scores in some aspects.

“The data collection shows that developing countries lack well-trained cybersecurity experts as well as a thorough appreciation and the necessary education on cybersecurity issues for law enforcement, and continued challenges in the judiciary and legislative branches,” the survey said.

We can clearly conclude that wealth is not the issue here, but the lack of manpower, will, or training in the cyber security world needs to be addressed more efficiently as cyber crimes are on the rise on a daily basis.

Source: SecurityMagazine