SAN FRANCISCO – Researchers have identified a new iOS vulnerability called “trustjacking,” which exploits a feature called iTunes Wi-Fi Sync to give attackers persistent control over victims’ devices. Symantec researchers presented the vulnerability during a session at RSAC this week

A security flaw that could affect millions of cars has been identified, with researchers warning that there may be no fix available to protect susceptible vehicles. The exploit works by overloading the so-called CAN, or “car device network”, which connects

Three security researchers have demonstrated at the Defcon in Las Vegas that infotainment systems from well-known automarks still have numerous vulnerabilities. Mickey Shkatov, Jesse Michael, and Oleksandr Bazhaniuk from the Advanced Threat Research team at McAfee have shown at DefCon

IOActive researcher Ruben Santamarta has uncovered a number of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in widely deployed Radiation Monitoring Devices (RDMs), and has presented his research at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. RDMs are used to monitor the radiation found in

Have you considered the possibility that someone could be watching you through your webcam? Or Listening to all your conversations through your laptop’s microphone? Even a bit of thought about this probability could make you feel incredibly creepy. But most

A hacker group called Cobalt targeted ATMs across Europe in “smash and grab” operations. The hackers are reported to have remotely attacked ATMs using malicious software, which manipulated the systems to dispense cash. Two of the biggest global ATM manufacturers,

Chinese researchers announced Monday that they had discovered security vulnerabilities in the Tesla Model S that allowed them to take over the vehicle’s brakes and more without laying a finger on the car. While other researchers have hacked into Tesla vehicles, this appears

A mother from Austin, Texas, said she had to take down her baby monitor for good after she discovered that someone had hacked it and taken control over the device more than one time. The mother, who wanted to remain