People are still getting over the most controversial data scandal of the year, i.e., Cambridge Analytica scandal, and Facebook is under fire yet again after it emerges that a popular quiz app on the social media platform exposed the private

Western Digital’s My Cloud EX2 storage devices leak files to anyone on a local network by default, no matter the permissions set by users. If configured for remote access via the public internet, the My Cloud EX2 also leaks files

Only a third of Fortune 500 companies deploy DMARC, a widely-backed best-practice security measure to defeat spoofing — forged emails sent by hackers — and fewer than one-in-10 switch it on, according to a new survey. The survey, carried out

Banking With a Selfie in Argentina ICBC, the largest bank in the world by asset volume, recently embraced facial recognition based security at its Argentinian subsidiary. The biometric security comes via FacePhi’s FIDO Certified mobile authentication platform, Selphi. ICBC customers

Making a feature film or television series is an expensive exercise. Production costs and marketing can push even a modest project into the multi-million dollar category. t’s these costs, together with the need to recoup them through distribution deals, that has

In May 2017, an updated version of WannaCry ransomware struck a minimum of 200,000 organizations in over 150 countries. It did so by abusing a Windows SMB vulnerability (MS17-010) using exploit code developed by the NSA and leaked online by

The Telegraph reports that carrier Three Mobile’s systems in the UK have been breached and that its sources say roughly 6 million customers’ personal data could be at risk. The company noted that the attackers used an employee login to

A Microsoft regional director and security developer, Troy Hunt, was contacted early on Tuesday morning by an anonymous person on Twitter who told him he had obtained personal information about him and his wife. “This guy reached out to me