After users complained online that their Galaxy devices are randomly sending photos to contacts, Samsung said it isn’t a hardware or software issue. Samsung says it isn’t seeing any software or hardware issues after a slew of Samsung phone users

Whether serendipitous or ironic, Global Password Day found Twitter advising users to change their passwords after a bug in its password storage system “unmasked” the passwords in an internal log. “We have fixed the bug, and our investigation shows no

The online travel company Orbitz has suffered a major data breach possibly exposing the personal information associated with the owners of up to 880,000 payment cards. The company, a subsidiary of Expedia, said in a statement that the payment card

Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue announced Sunday that 5 million of their customers suffered a data breach, with cybercriminals stealing credit and debit card information. The breach affected Hudson’s Bay Co., which owns both chains, in its North

Telecom giant Swisscom Wednesday disclosed that an unauthorised intruder misappropriated an unnamed sales partner’s access to its data, thereby compromising basic information pertaining to approximately 800,000 customers. In a 7 February press release, the £8.4 billion Switzerland-based company acknowledged that

In the United States, the average email address is associated with no fewer than 130 different accounts on the internet. How many accounts do you use on a daily basis? Chances are there are accounts out there you haven’t seen

Professional social network LinkedIn is suing 100 anonymous individuals for data scraping. It is hoped that a court order will be able to reveal the identities of those responsible for using bots to harvest user data from the site. The

Do you think your data is safe because your computer isn’t connected to the internet or a network? Wrong. As security researchers recently demonstrated, the sounds of your computer’s hard drive can be used to transmit data from an air-gapped