Recently discovered malware steals cache data and secure messaging sessions from the desktop version of encrypted messaging service Telegram. The malware, dubbed TeleGrab, leverages weak default settings in the design of Telegram’s desktop version along with the desktop’s lack of

Security experts are warning PGP users to disable tools that automatically decrypt PGP-encrypted email after the discovery of a critical vulnerability which could help attackers read protected emails. The new research will be revealed in a paper on Tuesday morning,

Malwarebytes researchers discovered a weakness in the LockCrypt ransomware which enabled them to recover victim’s files. The malware has remained more or less under the radar since June 2017 and is spread via RDP brute-force attacks that must be manually

The security of tens of thousands of websites is in question after the CEO of a company that sells HTTPS certificates included the private keys for 23,000 customers in an email—an apparent attempt to force a revocation of the customers’

Israeli company claims it has developed CatchApp tool which can siphon encrypted WhatsApp data from a distance You may have seen in many Hollywood movies in which the main protagonist, an agent from the CIA or FBI placing his/her mobile

Doing conversations with your friend on iMessage and thinking that they are safe and out of reach from anyone else other than you and your friend? No, it’s not. End-to-end encryption doesn’t mean that your iMessages are secure enough to

Google’s been pushing toward all-HTTPS for a while now. In March 2014, during the unveiling of the ever-widening NSA/GCHQ/FBI/et al surveillance state, Google started using an always-on HTTPS connection and encrypting all Gmail messages moving internally on its servers. At

Popular online messaging service WhatsApp has made all sorts of security news in recent years. One of WhatApp’s early cryptographic SNAFUs involved using non-secret information to construct secret encryption keys, which is a bit like using your pet’s name as