The United States Computer Emergencies Readiness Team (US-CERT) released a Technical Alert (TA) to warn organizations of North Koreas “Hidden Cobra” activities, particularly a DDoS botnet network. The technical alert was based from the analytic efforts of the FBI and

The Persirai backdoor allows more than 1000 IP camera models to be easily exploited and more than 120,000 devices are vulnerable to this backdoor. The backdoor was first discovered in the late 2016 after being involved in multiple high-profile DDOS

While automated attacks by a networked army of computers aren’t a new problem, the methods that botnets are using are getting more complex. They’re also increasing in number with the latest cybercrime report from ThreatMetrix suggesting that the number of

Before we get to best practices in botnet detection, let’s do a quick review of exactly what a botnet is. One of the most powerful ways to pursue any computationally challenging task is to leverage the untapped processing power of