Best Resources for Setting up Microsoft Office 365 Security
January 10, 2019
Mo Moin (1471 articles)

Best Resources for Setting up Microsoft Office 365 Security

When you set up Microsoft Office 365, you have many options and decisions to make. It often helps to ask questions and review resources. Where do you go to get good answers from folks who have set up the service or have experience with a situation like yours? The following resources will have answers and advice to keep your Office 365 setup secure.

Office 365 resources for consultants

Consultants have specific concerns and issues that they face with multiple tenants. Ensuring that you keep your clients and customers safe is job one. The U.S. government has identified that managed service providers have been targeted by attackers who know that once they gain access to the consultant’s system, they can gain access to the entire group of clients under their control.

When setting up administrative access to Office 365 customers, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a key control to ensure that your clients are kept safe. However, consultants face unique situations that require specific resources to assist with specific security scenarios.

Several resources are tailored to consultants. For example, CIAOPS Academy targets its training to consultants who set up Office 365 on behalf of their clients. CIAOPS Academy is not free, the subscription provides access to private resources such as PowerShell scripts and checklists to securely set up Office 365. In addition, it provides a private peer resource so that you can ask questions in a private venue and thus can share more sensitive information about a client’s situation.

If you prefer listservs for sharing of information, you can subscribe to Office 365 Partners. This free Yahoo Groups listserv is comprised of consultants that specialize in the administration of Office 365 for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Office 265 script repositories

GitHub, Microsoft’s open-source repository for scripts and coding projects, is often a great location to find resources and scripts to secure Microsoft and Office 365. Sample scripts and repositories include:

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