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Security experts at Check Point discovered a new backdoor dubbed ‘SpeakUp‘ targeting Linux servers in East Asia and Latin America. Malware researchers at Check Point have spotted a new Linux backdoor dubbed ‘SpeakUp’ targeting servers in East Asia and Latin

Next month at the RSA Conference (RSAC), entrepreneurs, cyber warriors and a ragtag mob of security practitioners will scratch their start-up itch in the Las Vegas desert. There they will compete, network and be entertained by a battle for the

In advance of today’s Safe Internet Day, Google surveyed a pool of 3,000 consumers to understand people’s beliefs and current behaviors around online security. According to the new Harris Poll data, two in three people recycle the same password across

Graphic novel fans, particularly those Kindle readers who adore the popular John Wick series, may have unknowingly downloaded fake ebooks promising them the opportunity to stream the third film installment prior to its release in May, according to Malwarebytes. The

The UK’s Student Loans Company (SLC) has been forced to repel nearly one million cyber-attacks over the course of the last financial year, highlighting the growing risk to organizations from hackers. Think tank Parliament Street sent a Freedom of Information

When Michelle Stewart was hired in August 2017 as the CISO at RentPath, a digital marketing company for the real estate rental industry, she knew she had to add some new rules to her CISO playbook. Times had changed since

People who purchase Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as Nest thermostats and security cameras, likely don’t realize the potential problems that can arise if the services go down, like they did recently with Nest thermostats — making it impossible

Security experts at the threat intel firm Recorded Future, have discovered the hacker who allegedly created and offered for sale the massive collection known as Collection #1. The ‘Collection #1’ archive was discovered by the cyber security expert Troy Hunt,

Companies are increasingly collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data to improve their services and decision making. However, the automation of data management inside organizations comes with multiple challenges and security is viewed as the top one, according to a

Researchers at Trend Micro discovered at least 29 malicious photo editing and beauty apps that were able to perform several malicious activities. Crooks continue to abuse Google Play store to distribute malicious apps, this time experts at Trend Micro discovered

The Japanese government approved an amendment to allow government workers to hack into citizens’ internet of things (IoT) devices as part of efforts to improve cybersecurity ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Beginning next month, devices in people’s homes and

Leaders of six US intelligence agencies testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on January 29, asserting that cyber-threats have evolved, particularly coming from China and Russia. At issue is the collection and protection of data that can be

Palo Alto Networks discovered a piece of Mac malware dubbed CookieMiner that is targeting browser cookies associated with cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet service websites.. Researchers from Palo Alto Networks discovered a new piece of Mac malware dubbed CookieMiner that steals

Researchers at the CenturyLink Threat Research Labs discovered that the operators of the TheMoon IoT botnet are offering it as a service. Experts at the CenturyLink Threat Research Labs observed a new evolution for the TheMoon IoT botnet, operators added

Despite their high-ranking positions, senior executives are reportedly the weak link in the corporate cybersecurity chain with a new report from The Bunker, which finds that cyber-criminals often target this known vulnerability. A recently published white paper, Are You the

On Friday, Apple announced that the FaceTime issue recently discovered has been partially fixed, the company plans to release a complete update next week. This week, Apple issued a partial fix for the FaceTime issue recently discovered, the tech giant