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Following Cisco’s SMB Cybersecurity Report, which has revealed that 53% of midmarket companies have experienced a data breach, Todd Peterson, Product Manager at One Identity, discusses why they are such an attractive target to hackers and how they can protect

In its first enforcement of the Identity Theft Red Flags Rule, the SEC fined Voya Financial Advisors one million dollars for insufficient security policies to protect confidential personal data. Will LaSala, Director Security Solutions, Security Evangelist at OneSpan: “This is

Over ten years ago, five credit unions came together and formed a credit union service organization (CUSO). A majority interest was held by one, very large credit union, which owned all of the technology, had a full-time IT staff and

The zero trust approach to enterprise security proposed by analyst firm Forrester Research nearly a decade ago can be challenging to implement. You need a clear understanding of the changes it entails and the impact it can have on the

Wireshark is the world’s leading network traffic analyzer, and an essential tool for any security professional or systems administrator. This free software lets you analyze network traffic in real time, and is often the best tool for troubleshooting issues on

The computer system in a Florida Keys school district were down for a week due to a ransomware attack. The problems were made worse when just as the district was bringing up some administration and school computers, Comcast suffered a

When travelers at Bristol Airport in the U.K. looked at flight information screens over the weekend, they saw a blue screen with white lettering that stated: OUT OF SERVICE We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our Engineers are currently working

In a new report, Citizen Lab researchers warned that sophisticated mobile spyware, dubbed Pegasus — made and sold by the Israeli company NSO Group — has been found not only on Androids and iPhones in countries with questionable human rights

The U.S. State Department confirmed it suffered a data breach that exposed employee data; the breach affected the State Department’s unclassified email system. It’s not like the agency suddenly decided to tell the public about the breach, though. The incident

Ever since NIST submitted SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines for review a few years ago, the computer security world has been debating the agency’s newest recommended password policies, which run starkly contrary to decades of previous advice. To read this

Hello, dedicated readers! My blog is back from a restful week’s vacation on Cape Cod and ready to tackle the falling leaves, changing temperatures, and cybersecurity issues of autumn. Back in August, I wrote a few blog posts about cybersecurity

The recently discovered vulnerability involving fax lines on HP multi-function devices, termed Faxploit, are a reminder of the importance of fundamental security practices. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

Most InfoSec professionals are firmly focused on prevention. We build systems and adopt tools to help safeguard against phishing attacks and ransomware and all the other myriad threats that businesses face on a daily basis. But what we often end

Just because you are surfing via Chrome doesn’t mean you opted to give up your privacy. But the years of being able to use Chrome without logging in are over. Chrome 69 came out at the start of September, shortly

You may not need a cautionary tale about opening email attachments, but this story is a reminder that you don’t have to be the biggest and most well-known company to become the victim of a targeted ransomware attack. Just look

Today’s industrial revolution is driven not by steam engines, machine-based automation and factory systems, but by the power of cloud, mobility and machine-based analytics. It’s an exciting time filled with opportunity—and risk. Digital transformation brings digital risk, and identity risk