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Splunk recently addressed several vulnerabilities in Enterprise and Light products, some of them have been rated “high severity.” Splunk Enterprise solution allows organizations to aggregate, search, analyze, and visualize data from various sources that are critical to business operations. The

Attackers are targeting high-value servers using a three of hacking tools from NSA arsenal, including DarkPulsar, that were leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacker group. The hackers used the powerful cyber weapons to compromise systems used in aerospace, nuclear energy,

Oracle has just released a security update to prevent 2.3 million servers running the RPCBIND service from being used in amplified DDoS attacks. The flaw was discovered by the Brazilian researcher Mauricio Correa, founder of Brazilian security company XLabs. The

Millions of voter records are available for sale on the Dark Web, experts discovered over 35 million US voter records for sale in a hacking forum. Millions of voter records are available for sale on the Dark Web, experts from

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has blocked more than 10 cyber-attacks per week in its first two years of operation, blaming nation states for the majority of incidents. The government body was spun out of GCHQ in 2016

Executive-level security professionals fear their organizations are not well positioned to respond to a cyber-attack, according to the results of a new poll from Deloitte. In a poll of more than 3,150 security professionals across all industries and sectors taken

A new vulnerability discovered in Apple’s latest iOS, 12.0.1, released last week, allows an attacker with physical access to an iPhone entry into photos on a locked phone, according to Jose Rodriguez, a Spanish security researcher. While the bypass bug,

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) appears to have exposed highly sensitive data and systems to the risk of compromise after reports revealed 37 breaches of security protocol last year. The heavily redacted reports don’t indicate whether the security breaches

The UK government claims to be leading the way with a newly released Code of Practice (CoP) designed to drive security-by-design in the manufacture of IoT products. Developed in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the ICO and

While it’s no surprise that organizations are being compromised, a new study released by Ponemon Institute found that the rate at which organizations are compromised is quite alarming. The study, 2018 State of Endpoint Security Risk, found a 20% increase

Free Wi-Fi is convenient, but it is also unsafe and puts users at great risk. Here’s how the cybercriminals attack user on these open networks. The free Wi-Fi is one of the catchiest things for the users in today’s world.

PlayStation 4 gaming consoles could crash when they receive messages containing certain symbols from fellow gamers. The consoles could freeze on while the owners are playing their preferred games, the DoS condition is triggered while the devices are parsing symbols

Apple has increasingly been the target of crypto-mining attacks, and according to Check Point, iPhone attacks increased by nearly 400% over the last two weeks in September. In its most recently published Global Threat Index, Check Point researchers said they

Cyber-criminals eased into the year with a somewhat quiet first and second quarter, but according to a new report from Malwarebytes, attackers made some noise in Q3 2018. In the Cybercrime, Tactics and Techniques Q3 2018, researchers found that business

The infamous WannaCry ransomware campaign of 2017 caused losses in the region of GBP92m for the NHS, the government has revealed. In a progress update titled Securing cyber resilience in health and care, the Department of Health and Social Care

In analyzing global cybercrime patterns ThreatMetrix found that identity spoofing, fueled by stolen identity data, is the most prevalent attack vector for the gaming and gambling industry. Additionally, the Q2 2018 Gaming & Gambling Report discovered that location (IP) spoofing