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A security researcher at Imperva recently identified a vulnerability within Facebook that could have allowed other websites to extract private information about users and their contacts. Discovered by Imperva security researcher Ron Masas, the vulnerability reportedly preyed on the unique

While it is likely that the breach activity of 2018 won’t reach the level of 2017, a look back at the first nine months suggests that 2018 is on pace to be another significant year for breaches, according to Risk

WannaCry ransomware is still the most widespread cryptor family and has hit almost 75,000 users as of Q3 2018, according to new research from Kaspersky Lab. The firm discovered that since the WannaCry outbreak in May 2017 that cost the

A Canadian university shut down its entire network last week in response to a cryptomining attack, highlighting the potential disruption that can be caused by this relatively new strain of malware. St Francis Xavier, which claims to offer the country’s

Based on the results of a new survey, the vast majority of IT security pros fail to understand the actual risks of short-lived but dangerous phishing attacks on the web, said SlashNext. Conducted over a five day period, a query

Researchers from Trend Micro spotted a new cryptocurrency miner that leverages a rootkit component to hide its presence on the infected systems. Cryptocurrency malware continues to be a privileged choice for crooks and the number of victims is rapidly growing.

North Korea-linked Lazarus Group has been using FastCash Trojan to compromise AIX servers to empty tens of millions of dollars from ATMs. Security experts from Symantec have discovered a malware, tracked as FastCash Trojan, that was used by the Lazarus

According to the head of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing.almost all Pakistani banks were affected by a recent security breach. Almost all Pakistani banks were affected by a recent security breach, the shocking news was confirmed by the

Cryptocurrency mining has become a fairly easy way to manufacture currency, and according to Trend Micro, a new cryptocurrency-mining malware uses evasion techniques, including Windows Installer, as part of its routine. In the cryptocurrency miner identified as Coinminer.Win32.MALXMR.TIAOODAM, researchers noted

Enterprises are forced to deal with an estimated 100+ critical vulnerabilities each day, with Flash and Microsoft Office accounting for the majority of top app flaws, according to new research from Tenable. The security vendor analyzed anonymized data from 900,000

A WordPress design flaw could grant an attacker remote code execution, leading to a privilege escalation in WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins, according to RIPS Technologies. In a 6 November blog post, researchers said that if the vulnerability is exploited,

HSBC has revealed that unauthorized third parties accessed some of its customers’ accounts, in what appears to have been an incident confined to its US operations. The UK lender explained in a customer message posted online by the California Attorney

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is planning to use Artificial Intelligence to assign the CVSS scores to reported vulnerabilities. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system provides a reference-method for publicly known information-security vulnerabilities and exposures. A

Quarterly highlights Personal data in spam We have often said that personal data is candy on a stick to fraudsters and must be kept safe (that is, not given out on dubious websites). It can be used to gain access

Symantec announced that it acquired Appthority and Javelin Networks in an effort to enhance its endpoint security solutions, adding key technology integrations to Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. Through its acquisition of Appthority, Symantec will enable its customers to analyze

When we talk about phishing, top of mind are fake banking sites, payment systems, as well as mail and other globally popular services. However, cybercriminals have their fingers in far more pies than that. Unobviously, perhaps, students and university faculties