Hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany have been knocked offline in what the leading telecommunications provider has described as a suspected cyberattack. The firm said roughly 900,000 of its 20 million fixed-line customers have faced issues. The

The group behind the Gatak Trojan (Trojan.Gatak) has turned to healthcare as its key target. Gatak is known for infecting its victims through websites promising product licensing keys for pirated software, and in the past, the insurance sector was also

YOU PROBABLY KNOW by now that plugging a random USB into your PC is the digital equivalent of swallowing a pill handed to you by a stranger on the New York subway. But serial hacker Samy Kamkar‘s latest invention may

Hackers who hit the San Francisco municipal transit system (MUNI) with a ransomware attack over the Thanksgiving weekend are threatening to publicly leak the stolen data, according to reports. The hackers had demanded 100 bitcoins ($70,000, £56,000, €66,000) as ransom.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was hit with a ransomware attack on Friday, causing fare station terminals to carry the message, “You Hacked. ALL Data Encrypted.” Turns out, the miscreant behind this extortion attempt got hacked himself this past

19-year-old Melbourne teen Paul Sant has been arrested by Australian authorities for hacking air traffic control and sending unauthorised broadcasting over to pilots over radio bands restricted to aviation users. The teenager also caused one plane to abort a landing

Tesla drivers using the company’s Android app to control their cars could be facing serious safety concerns, according to security researchers who demonstrated in a video that anyone with a laptop and Android hacking skills can exploit the app to

Criminals have been causing much grief with ransomware, whether knocking out businesses or entire hospitals with their infections. San Francisco’s transport system is the latest to suffer. This weekend, previously-known PC ransomware found its way onto computers at the Municipal