12 Top SIEM Tools Rated and Compared
January 2, 2019
Mo Moin (1471 articles)

12 Top SIEM Tools Rated and Compared

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a blue-collar tool for network security professionals. There’s nothing remotely glamorous about auditing, reviewing and managing event logs, but it’s one of the more important aspects of building a secure enterprise network.

Network security has matured to the point where myriad tools (machine-learning-backed firewalls, hardened web application servers, cloud services, etc.) make the act of attacking an enterprise network a tall order. Monitoring each layer, service and device in a holistic, top-down manner is critical to providing context to log events. Applying automated remediation tasks to log events takes many of these SIEM tools to another level.

Due to the nature of event logs, they are often a secondary attack surface for malicious users looking to obfuscate their activity and cover their tracks. SIEM tools often provide an additional layer of protection for your event logs by offloading them to a server or service purpose-built for the task, giving a means to prevent editing or deletion, and even creating backup copies.

Below are overviews of the top 12 SIEM tools and summaries of peer-review ratings from the Gartner PeerInsights.

Source: CSO Online.