Researchers have discovered that cyber attackers are exploiting a vulnerability that allows them to elude antivirus software to deliver malware via Microsoft PowerPoint. The flaw itself exists in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface and attackers have previously

Two critical zero-day vulnerabilities have been detected in the Foxit Reader software that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the target computer, if the software is not configured to open files in the reading mode. the first vulnerability

A numerous number of flaws/vulnerabilities have been found in an essential component of solar panels that can be exploited to cause widespread outages in European power grids. A cybersecurity researcher at Dutch security firm ITsec, William Westerhof, has discovered 21

IP-enabled security cameras manufactured by Loftek and VStarcam are said to be infected by more than two dozen vulnerabilities thus exposing them to remote attacks. More than 1.3 million cameras are currently in use today, with more than 200,000 models

A cross-scripting vulnerability was discovered last year in two of IBM products, Worklight and MobileFirst. The vulnerability was recently fixed by IBM that could allow attackers to execute malicious JavaScript code in a victims’ browser to steal sensitive data. A

The ICS-CERT illustrated that flwas within Siemen’s molecular imaging products were exploitable while “Siemens is preparing updates for the affected products and recommends protecting network access to the Molecular Imaging products with appropriate mechanisms,” ICS-CERT said in its advisory. “It is

This week, Cisco has released patches for multiple vulnerabilities spanning across a dozen of its products which included two high severity vulnerabilties. The severe vulnerabilties couold allow an attacker to perform a DOS attack or bypass local authentication. The severe

Apple has released patches addressing roughly four dozen exploitable security vulnerabilities in iOS, macOS, and WatchOS. The iOS 10.3.3 update resolves 47 flaws for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, including multiple remote code execution holes in the WebKit browser