A fast-moving wave of ransomware attacks is hitting hard across the world, exploiting a recently patched vulnerability that was exposed in documents leaked from the NSA by the mysterious Shadow Broker group. Dubbed WannaCry, the ransomware is exploiting a critical

Google this week released security updates for Android to resolve numerous Critical remote code execution (RCE) and elevation of privilege (EoP) vulnerabilities in the platform. Over 100 vulnerabilities were resolved in Android this month, split into two separate sets of

Yes, Google’s Project Zero team has once again publicly disclosed a vulnerability (with POC exploit) affecting Microsoft’s Windows operating systems ranging from Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to the latest Windows 10 that had yet to be patched. A few

Released on Tuesday, Google’s first Android Security Bulletin for 2017 patches a total of 95 vulnerabilities in the operating system, 22 of which were rated Critical severity. Over half (50) of the bugs addressed this month were Elevation of privilege

Apple updated its mobile operating system iOS 10 on Monday to address a handful of security vulnerabilities, including two issues that could have led to arbitrary code execution. The update, iOS 10.2, fixes 12 vulnerabilities in total. Topping the list

Microsoft has released its monthly Patch Tuesday update including a total of 10 security bulletin, and you are required to apply the whole package of patches altogether, whether you like it or not. That’s because the company is kicking off

Adobe announced on Tuesday that security updates released for Flash Player, Digital Editions and Adobe Air SDK & Compiler patch a total of 37 vulnerabilities. According to Adobe, Flash Player versions prior to and are affected by 27

Password managers are a wise way to manage large volumes of login credentials in a safe way. The applications generate strong passwords for new web services and securely store them. But if a password manager has software vulnerabilities, it could