Security by obscurity is real. Sucuri’s CTO found that while IPv4 servers can get compromised in minutes, IPv6 servers are safe from attack because no one is looking for them. Security company Sucuri CTO Daniel Cid recently conducted a small experiment:

Barclays has announced that its personal banking customers will, starting this week, be able to use voice security technology over passwords. This would help customers avoid the need to answer various questions over the telephone to gain access to their

BOULDER, Colo.–October 16, 2012–LogRhythm, the leader in cyber threat defense, detection and response, today announced the enhancement of its award-winning SIEM 2.0 Big Data security analytics platform with the industry’s first multi-dimensional behavioral analytics. Leveraging innovative and patent-pending behavioral whitelisting

Most enterprises have enough security technology in place to protect their businesses. They also have plenty of data from SIEMS and logs and other devices that tell them what’s going on in their environments. What they need now is an

A firewall will no longer protect your company network: you have to cope with users needing to take documents out, and with attackers trying to get in. The best security advice is to assume that your network can be penetrated

Terms like “cyber-arms-race” and “cyber-war”—along with the establishment of a Cyber Command at the Pentagon—indicate just how much the virtual world has come to resemble the battle for physical security. For nation-states and enterprises alike, fighting the good fight now

A student from the University of Maribor in Slovenia has ended up with a prison sentence after finding cryptographic flaws in the country’s implementation of its secure communications system, known as TETRA. TETRA is short for Terrestrial Trunked Radio, a