Microsoft on Tuesday announced the general availability of its phone sign-in for customers with Microsoft accounts — a system that could be the beginning of the end for passwords. The new system requires that customers add their accounts to the

Over the last few days, Google has delivered a batch of warnings about potential government-backed attacks against numerous journalists, academics and activists. Many of the recipients have announced their personal warnings on Twitter. There are some differences in the wording

An ever-changing security code could prevent credit card fraud and thefts.  In order to combat the rise of online credit card theft, several French banks are partnering with security company Oberthur Technologies to create a credit card with a security

Attacking high profile websites and companies, stealing huge databases and dumping the data online seem to be the latest trend in the hacking community. In the latest breach, nearly 324,000 users have been affected as a payment gateway BlueSnap or its

An unusually well-crafted phishing attack is targeting American Express cardholders. In recent days, an unusually well-crafted phishing attack has been launched against American Express cardholders. The scam appears to be an improved version of a prior phishing campaign first seen

Google released two new security features that attempt to make Gmail safer for users. The updates, announced Wednesday, will benefit Gmail users on the web or Android. If users receive a message that can’t be authenticated, the search giant will

LAS VEGAS – Credit card companies for the most part have moved away from “swipe and signature” credit cards to chip and pin cards by this point; the technology known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) which is supposed to

Key escrow — the process of keeping a set of keys for yourself “just in case” — has always been the U.S. government’s modus operandi when it comes to security. From the disastrous Clipper chip to today, the government has