Web Application Security

A student uncovered a security vulnerability in the job placement website of Virgin Media that allegedly exposed “about 30,000 to 50,000” applications featuring personal information such as names, home addresses, email details and telephone numbers. In a blog post published

Nearly 5,900 e-commerce sites has been breached by hackers and installed malware that steals victim’s credit card details, according to a security researcher. According to Dutch security analyst Willem De Groot he said that, the hackers gained access to a

Microsoft is giving its Edge browser a security boost with Windows Defender Application Guard for Windows 10 Enterprise. Other browsers use software-based sandboxes to stay segregated from sensitive areas of the PC, but they “still provide a pathway for malware

‘Яussian Yahoo!’ may just have become world’s biggest breach An eye-watering 98.1 million accounts, and their cleartext passwords, have been stolen from Russia’s biggest web portals Rambler.ru. The breach occurred way back on 17 February 2012 according to breach repository

According to the breach notification service LeakedSource roughly 43 million Last.fm accounts were compromised in a 2012 incident. n June 2012, the online music service Last.fm was compromised by hackers, in response the company notified the incident to its users

Mozilla has launched the ‘Observatory,’ a tool developed by the Security Engineer April King that allows administrators and developer to test their websites. “Observatory is a simple tool that allows site operators to quickly assess not just if they are

If you are a fan of Unreal Tournament from Epic Games or ever have participated in discussions on the online forums run by Epic Games, you possibly need to change your forum password as soon as possible. It seems the

Chrome, Firefox and likely other major browsers are afflicted by a vulnerability that allows attackers to spoof URLs in the address bar. While Mozilla said it has patched the flaw in the affected Android version of the Firefox browser, Google