Application Security

The university of New Haven has developed what they call AGP (Artifact Genome Project), a database designed to revolutionize the way forensic data is analyzed and shared across the world between investigators. In short, it allows you to document how

A new vulnerability affecting one of the most popular WordPress plugin “WP Statistics” has been discovered allowing SQL Injection attacks to be potentially used. WP Statistics is a plugin that enables administrators to have information regarding the number of users

Password Reset MITM

Researchers have demonstrated that attackers can set up a malicious website and use users account registration process to successfully perform a password reset process on a number of popular websites and messaging mobile applications. The Password Reset Man in the

‘Do I really need to give this website so much about me?’ That’s exactly what I usually think after filling but before submitting a web form online asking for my personal details to continue. I am sure most of you

Scammers are increasingly abusing consumer awareness of sites that encrypt data sent over the internet using HTTPS, particularly through a spike in phishing attacks that hope to win the confidence of victims by using the protocol on spoofed sites. “For

Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular web browser used across the globe has recently released a patch to fix 32 vulnerabilities in Firefox 54, the latest flagship of the browser. One of the bugs that were fixed was a

The era of infecting users via tricking them into clicking might as well be over. A new attack vector has spawned to drop malware on victims. It is known as the “mouse over” technique which was discovered by Trend Micro

MEITU IS A popular app that transforms your selfie into an adorable anime character. You’ve probably already downloaded it. In exchange for the simple pleasure of giving you an absurd makeover, though, it demands sprawling access to your personal data