Malware has threatened computers, networks, and infrastructures since the eighties. There are two major technologies to defend against this, but most organizations rely almost exclusively on just one approach, the decade’s old signature-based methodology. The more advanced method of detecting

Erebus Ransomware

NAYANA, a South Korean web hosting company, was recently attacked by a ransomware dubbed Erebus which took down 143 Linux servers and 3480 websites across the globe. A large price of 10 bitcoins was asked but it got reduced to

The United States Computer Emergencies Readiness Team (US-CERT) released a Technical Alert (TA) to warn organizations of North Koreas “Hidden Cobra” activities, particularly a DDoS botnet network. The technical alert was based from the analytic efforts of the FBI and

The Persirai backdoor allows more than 1000 IP camera models to be easily exploited and more than 120,000 devices are vulnerable to this backdoor. The backdoor was first discovered in the late 2016 after being involved in multiple high-profile DDOS

A former Expedia IT professional admitted on Monday to illegally trading on secrets he discovered by hacking his own company’s senior executives. Jonathan Ly stole passwords and infiltrated devices of Expedia’s (EXPE) chief financial officer and head of investor relations,

OSquery, an open-source framework created by Facebook that allows organizations to look for potential malware or malicious activity on their networks, was available for Mac OS X and Linux environments until today. But now the social network has announced that

Microsoft is putting Edge in a virtual machine to protect users from malware, viruses, phishing and zero-days. Microsoft has developed a new update for its Windows 10 operating system that will place the Edge web browser inside a virtual machine

The problem with today’s endpoints is that they are so varied:  a mix of desktop PCs, laptops and netbooks, frequently with different versions of OS and applications being used across organisations’ estates. This variety of endpoints also means that security