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Two critical zero-day vulnerabilities have been detected in the Foxit Reader software that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the target computer, if the software is not configured to open files in the reading mode. the first vulnerability

WikiLeaks has published another Vault 7 leak where the CIA spy on video streams remotely. The document released by WikiLeaks states how the CIA agents use remote tool to stealthy collect RTSP/H.264 video streams and is called CouchPotato. RTSP (Real

Microsoft has released 48 security patches for all supported versions of Windows systems and other products today. The patches will cover vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Hyper-V and Microsoft

A numerous number of flaws/vulnerabilities have been found in an essential component of solar panels that can be exploited to cause widespread outages in European power grids. A cybersecurity researcher at Dutch security firm ITsec, William Westerhof, has discovered 21

IP-enabled security cameras manufactured by Loftek and VStarcam are said to be infected by more than two dozen vulnerabilities thus exposing them to remote attacks. More than 1.3 million cameras are currently in use today, with more than 200,000 models

A cross-scripting vulnerability was discovered last year in two of IBM products, Worklight and MobileFirst. The vulnerability was recently fixed by IBM that could allow attackers to execute malicious JavaScript code in a victims’ browser to steal sensitive data. A


Security researchers at Kaspersky Labs detected a new backdoor malware that allows its creators to execute remote commands on any system and is known as CowerSnail. The backdoor uses the same C&C server as the malware that was used to

FruitFly, a Mac malware that was discovered by Thomas Reed, a Malwarebytes researcher, that can remotely access and control webcams, screen, mouse, keyboards, and install malicious software on the victims Mac computer. The malware was discovered a few months and